Creeper robot
Creeper robot

Easy to slide, not easy to clean and unsafe are the main problmes of manual cleaning. Creeper robot is mainly born for the glass top with small slope which is difficult to clean and has a wide flow of people in such as subway, high-speed railway and airport. It effectively improves the safety, convenience and efficiency in work, and can continuously work on the glass top with slope no more than 30 degrees.

  • Efficient cleaning

  • ≤ 30° slope operation

  • Safe and stable


  • >2m slope

    Suitable for cleaning the glass surface with a height greaterttian 2m and a small gradient

  • 1600sqm/h

    Cleaning efficiency

  • Various cleaning accessories

    Combination of disc brush, roller brush, cleaning cloth and scraping strip, with super cleaning power

  • 8H

    Long lasting 8 hours

  • ≤30°

    No greater than 30° slope surface cleaning

  • Wastewater recycling

    Save the environment

  • Module Design

    Low maintenance costs

  • Manual

    Portable operation

  • Self-developed path

    Intelligent Cleaning