Automatic photovoltaic cleaning robot
Automatic photovoltaic cleaning robot
  • Intelligent Cleaning

  • Safe and stable

  • Efficient cleaning

  • Dry and wet use

cleaning robot

  • Wet washing mode

    In areas with water source,choose the wet washing mode and operate the rolling brush at low and medium speeds

  • Dry washing mode

    In areas without water source, choose the dry washing mode and operate the rolling brush at high speed

  • Two-way cleaning system

    Efficient two-way cleaning system

  • 5000sqm/h

    Cleaning efficiency

  • -10℃-70℃

    Suitable for working environments from-10℃ to 70℃

  • 20°- 45°

    20° (standard) to 45° (optional) for a full range of PV scenarios

  • 4h

    Full battery life of 4 hours

  • Quick battery replacement

    Quick battery replacement, gap-free operation

  • Fan-shaped nozzle

    The high pressure fan-shaped nozzle has strong decontaminating power

  • Multi-sensor coupling

    Multi-sensor coupling,machine-smart obstacle avoidance and anti-drop

  • Remote control in the background

    Remote control in the background,fully automatic intelligent operation and maintenance

  • Customized services

    Customized services to meet the needs of different scenarios

Cooperation cases

  • Jining Photovoltaic robot cleaning project


  • Wenzhou Photovoltaic robot cleaning project


  • Guizhou Photovoltaic robot cleaning project


  • Jinhua Photovoltaic robot cleaning project


  • Wuhan Photovoltaic robot cleaning project


  • Shaoxing Photovoltaic robot cleaning project