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R-storm's Past and Present
ORIGINAL 2020-11-20 Author | iOULUO

R-Storm, the predecessor of Hangzhou iouluo Robotics Technology Co., Ltd., is a robotics company founded in Boston, USA in July 2016 and has a history of 3 years. More than 80% of the team members are overseas returnees, including members with doctoral (post) master degrees from MIT, National University of Singapore, Northeastern University and other universities; The company's personnel have educational backgrounds in machinery, software, electrical, finance, operations, etc.

The domestic headquarters is located in Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City, and the government's "one case, one discussion" key support project; Currently there are subordinate Shenzhen subsidiary,Beijing subsidiary and Shanghai subsidiary.

So far, the company has a total of 21 invention patents and utility model patents in the field of high-altitude cleaning robots. The company mainly promotes robots in special fields, and has a complete product chain in the field of high-altitude cleaning to meet various market needs.

Application scenarios: All kinds of high-altitude cleaning (glass, curtain wall, stone surface, etc.) . All kinds of high-altitude metal material surface treatment (cleaning, grinding, rust removal, spraying, etc.) Products include: airport, office building, park high-altitude glass curtain wall cleaning robot; Tank farm , ships, wind power towers and other metal surface scene cleaning robots, etc.;

With advanced technology and customer-responsible service concept, R-storm is committed to changing life with technology, using machine learning, image recognition, visual navigation and other technological innovations , to provide customers with the best quality products and services. Effectively solve the industry pain points of high risk, low efficiency and high cost in special scenarios.